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  • Corporate Philanthropy Reports Launcehed (2013-2014)
    This annual report on Corporate Philanthropy in Pakistan is based on a survey of Public Listed Companies (PLCs),
    documenting the volume of philanthropy and examining trends and patterns of giving practices. The survey is
    tent More

  • PCP and FBR Staff Visits PCNC Manila, Philippines
    PCP has always been enthusiastic to learn from successful programs of other countries and share its experiences with other organizations. With this objective of learning from others, a 6 member delegation led by Ms. Shazia Amjad, Executive Director, More

  • PCP Corporate Philanthropy Awards ceremony
    PCP Corporate Philanthropy Awards ceremony Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) is an independent, non-profit support organization with the founding vision that the three sectors of society business, civil society and the Government work together More

  • Philanthropy Matters 2015 Spring Issue

    Philanthropy Matters is a bi-annual newsletter of Pakistan Center for Philanthropy. It aims to provide news about the current projects and future activities and future activities of PCP. The effort is directed towards improving the understandi More

  • Assessment of Local Support Organizations (LSOs)
    Ms. Shazia Maqsood Amjad (Executive Director PCP) and Mr. Abdul Malik (General Manager AKRSP) mark the day as Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) enters into an agreement with Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) for Assessment of LSOs.

  • Global Donors Forum 2014
    In his address at this year event in Washington, the Chairman of the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP), Dr. Lakha highlighted the importance of Philanthropy for nation building. He traced the roots of systemized philanthropy in Islam and enlight More

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The Certification Programme seeks to bring transparency, accountability and good governance in the nonprofit sector in Pakistan. The first initiative of its kind in South Asia; it involves the evaluation of a nonprofit organisation on standardised parameters of internal governance, financial management and programme d


PCP recognises that all stakeholders need to be educated in the concept, statistics and mechanics of philanthropy. For this purpose a multi pronged media strategy is used to advance discussion and awareness on philanthropy including regular updates on the PCP website on global developments as well as through e-mail alerts, news reports and the distribution of


Philanthropy Support Services (PSS) programme of PCP is designed to promote partnerships between CSOs, Grant makers and Government. PCP supports grant makers in enhancing the effectiveness of their grant making through its PSS Unit. In its role as an intermediary support organization, PCP plays a vital role in issues relating to philanthropy and civil society. PSS unit aims to assist philant


Volunteer services management is a new initiative at PCP. This initiative was taken during the IDP crisis in 2009 and became the starting point for this programme. This new initiative and the test pilot conducted later show that there is huge potential of untapped resources which can be utilised to strengthen the process of social development.



In 1998, the Aga Khan Development Network commissioned studies on 'indigenous philanthropy' to advance the idea of self-reliance and reduce dependency on foreign aid. This exploration of the 'Pakistani philanthropic tradition' revealed that philanthropy could be a potent resource in addressing the symptoms and causes of poverty. The design required a strengthened civil society supported by an enab


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