Assesment of Community Organizations(COs)

Assesment of Community Organizations (COs)

There exist many community organizations at the local union council level. Different names including LSOs(Local Support Organization), CBOs( Community Based Organizations), GROs( Grass Root level orgaanization ) etc. are often used interchangebly for such organizations.

Community Organizations(COs) are different from regular NPOs in terms of their working structure and are usually small sized organisations lacking institutional capacity and requiring more support to strengthen their activities. Therefore, for assessment of such community organizations, PCP has developed a customized Assesment Tool which has been tried and tested throughout Pakistan.

Assesment of Community Organizations(COs) is different from the typical local Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) and the criteria/tool employed for assesment is also separate. Local NPOs are evaluated against PCP Certification Model which is a gold standard containing best practices in the not-for-profit sector. It comprises of a total 81 stringent set of standards divided into categories of internal governance, financial management and programme delivery. Whereas, the assesment of Community Organizations (COs) is conducted against 51 parameters designed carefully by taking into account their specific structural , operational , legal and local context. Assesment of Community Organizations does not lead to Certification as opposed to local NPOs.

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Mode of Application

Evaluation of COs is usually done in coordination with partner organizations.

PCP does not accept applications directly from COs. In case you intend to get your partner COs evaluated, please contact Manager Certification (PCP).

How it works?

After an application is completed upon fulfillment of mandatory requirements, a team consisiting of two evaluators is assigned to evaluate the performance of applicant Community Organization. Different steps includig desk review of submitted documents,field visit to the offices and programme areas of Community Organization, interactions with beneficiaries and presentation of the case before a certification panel form part of the assesment process.


Once evaluated, Community Organization will get PCP accreditation award. The evaluation report shared with Community Organizations contains recommendations aimed at improving organizations systems, structures, procedures and functioning and shall therefore be useful in terms of building capacity in future. A higher grade achieved by organizations means that it is realtively competitive and its systems are transparent. The evaluation also helps to increase the trustworthiness of the organization in its community.