A Development professional and an Educationist.Having 20 plus years of experience working with national and international organizations. She is a graduate of Harvard Graduate School of education, USA and Institue of Development Policy Management, UK.

Ms. Shazia Maqsood Amjad/Executive Director

Leads the Certification unit at PCP. He has diverse & rich experience in public policy, government functioning, taxation, reforms and project management. He holds master’s degree in International Public Policy from University College London, Tax Management from IBA Karachi and MBA from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad.

Mr. Rashid Imtiaz/Manager Certification

Heads the Research and Publications unit at PCP. She has wide ranging experience in operational and formative research on social development issues of Pakistan. She has Ph.d in Sociology from University of Michigan, Ann Arbour and Master's from Harvard University, USA.

Dr. Naushin Mahmood/Manager Research

Heads the Communication and Outreach unit at PCP. A sociologist by training and has rich experience of working with media houses, UN bodies, national and international donors.

Mr. Ahmad Nadeem/Manager Communication & Outreach

Works as Manager Finance and Company Secretary at PCP. She holds a BSc. Degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brooke University, London and is an ACCA Member.She has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the fields of Accounting, Financial Management and Reporting.

Ms. Rabia Jameel/Manager Finance

Human Resource professional with 16 years of experience, primarily in diversified manufacturing & Development sectors. Has vast experience in the field of Human Resources Management, Administration, Performance Management, Training & Development, Public Relations, Procurement, Health & Safety Management.

Mr. Nauman/Manager HR