Govt to allocate Rs1tr for social sector in next 4 years

Adviser for Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue, Shaukat Tarin on Tuesday said that the government has allocated Rs 1 trillion for the next four years for economic development and social sector development in the country.

“This package will be spent over the next four years through Industry and Agriculture, Ehsaas Program, Agriculture and Successful Youth Program,” he said while addressing the Corporate Philanthropy Award Ceremony organized by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy.

The Adviser said that an amount of Rs260 billion will be spent through ‘Ehsaas program’ to provide relief to the deprived people in the society.

He said that the government was working hard to eradicate economic inequality and disparity in the country as sustainable and inclusive economic growth is the first priority of the government, which will bring economic equality and stability in all sections of the society.

He also underlined that the government wanted to spend resources on the people but due to lack of resources it was delayed in some cases.

Talking about the role of Public and Private Charity institutions, he said these institutions have been playing their due role to provide relief to the people.

Pakistan has an annual charity of Rs500bn, which is 1 percent of our total budget, he added. 

Shaukat Tarin highlighted the importance of the ‘Pakistan Center for Philanthropy’ in the social sector since this organization is assisting the people.

The role of the corporate sector in the country is very important which is playing a very important role in the development of the country while 47 percent of the corporate sector is not doing charity which needs to be brought in this direction, he noted.