PCP connects corporations, foundations, and individuals with the transparent, credible and high-impact local nonprofits (NPOs) across the country. The objective is to support its certified organizations addressing critical issues such as healthcare, education, livelihood, and the environment. We build long-term connections between donors and PCP certified organizations by fostering trust and accountability on both sides of the relationship. Since 2016, we have facilitated donations/ grants of over US$ 1.2 million in Pakistan.

Advised Grant Making

PCP’s network of certified nonprofits throughout Pakistan makes it possible for donors to reach almost any community and support a wide range of causes. With its Advised Grant Making (AGM) services, PCP handles all the operational requirements of grant making while providing donors with an effective way of achieving their philanthropic goals. PCP tracks every grant from start to finish and provides a clear report on the impact donors have made with their giving.

PCP has the customizable tools and solutions you need to create and enhance your corporate giving strategy, empower your stakeholders, and support high-impact projects around the country. PCP helps companies develop successful relationship with nonprofits and facilitate the grant making process through:

Vetting & Due Diligence

PCP has vetted more than 3000 organizations across Pakistan out of which 450 plus organizations are standstill certified by PCP. We have the expertise and systems to customize moderation and vetting that meets your needs and complements your workplace, cause marketing or donation/ grant making programs.

Request & for Proposals

PCP requests project proposals from its certified nonprofits. These projects comprise different sub-themes falling under education, health, environment and community development. PCP also requests the certified nonprofits to design tailor-made projects, contextualized according to geographical and thematic preference of your company.

Monitoring & Reporting

PCP conducts detailed monitoring and evaluation field visits to give first hand feedback of the project, periodic reports on program delivery and utilization of funds are sent to you. The frequency of the reports depends upon the life of the project and the requirement of your company.

Our Partners

The wide network of our partners (national and international) enables us to leverage complementarities to offer broader portfolio of services and mobilize resources quickly. Our associates include academic and research entities, think tanks, corporates & private sector, INGOs and others.

International Partners

National Partners