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September 27 2022

Philanthropy — a buffer for floods

The changing weather patterns and average temperatures, resulting in rising sea levels, severe heat waves, floods, drought, famine, etc, are frequently described as the greatest existential threat to humanity in our times. It is contended that Pakistan’s poor management of water resources, weak infrastructure and global climate change may have…Read More

July 18 2022

Riding the winds of change

The power of youth as a potential resource and agent of change for a country’s development can never be underestimated. Young people, once their potential is tapped and steered in the right direction, are often dynamic, innovative and passionate about contributing to a good cause. The term ‘youth’ is recognised…Read More

June 28 2022

Learning about philanthropy is valuable for youth

Pakistan, albeit a low middle-income country, is a generous nation where giving is a common practice among all sections of society. Nevertheless, philanthropy is neither institutionalised nor is it generally discoursed or taught about in schools, colleges or universities. Accordingly, philanthropy amongst the masses is a complex and misunderstood phenomenon.…Read More

May 17 2022

Economic footprints of non-profits

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) are generally known as endowments, foundations, or non-government organisations (NGO) that raise funds and carry out operations to fulfil unmet social, environmental, or cultural needs of individuals, thus contributing significantly to the social well-being of people. NPOs offer social services and programmes through federal, provincial, and local…Read More

April 20 2022

The next generation of philanthropy

Pakistan has the seventh-largest diaspora community, scattered across 140 countries. Studies claim that when diaspora populations have close bonds with their country of origin, they contribute to the economic, cultural and social development of their home countries. In the context of Pakistan, diaspora studies and diaspora philanthropy have limited research.…Read More