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August 7 2023

The business of giving

The act of philanthropy by the business sector is the heartfelt passion for charitable initiatives undertaken through donating financial resources, goods, services, or employee time to support a range of social, environmental, and community causes. By doing so, companies demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and the well-being of the…Read More

July 18 2023

Edhi-ism among the youth

In the midst of the global pandemic in 2019, an amalgamation of fear and confusion pervaded the heart of a young man Zoraiz, mirroring the sentiments of his compatriots in Pakistan. Being steadfast in his conviction of the profound compassion inherent within his nation, Zoraiz embarked upon a philanthropic journey…Read More

April 28 2023

The power of philanthropy in times of disaster

Climate change has led to an unprecedented increase in the frequency and severity of natural disasters. While it is wreaking havoc worldwide, the impact on developing and underdeveloped countries is much more devastating. The Global Climate Risk Index ranks Pakistan as the eighth most at-risk country in the world for extreme weather…Read More

February 1 2023

The culture of giving in Pakistan

Every afternoon, the roadside adjacent to a posh F-11 market in Islamabad is thronged by crowds of the poor and needy: daily wage earners, labourers, security guards, street children, beggars, and the homeless. The attraction? A free hot meal served on plastic mats hurriedly rolled out on the pavement —…Read More

September 27 2022

Philanthropy — a buffer for floods

The changing weather patterns and average temperatures, resulting in rising sea levels, severe heat waves, floods, drought, famine, etc, are frequently described as the greatest existential threat to humanity in our times. It is contended that Pakistan’s poor management of water resources, weak infrastructure and global climate change may have…Read More