Course on ‘Philanthropy in Pakistan’ being launched at varsity level

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) and Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology (SZABIST) Islamabad come together to launch the first ever course on: “Introduction to Philanthropy in Pakistan”.

In this regard, PCP and SZABIST Islamabad have finalized the content and modalities of implementing a 3-credit hour course on philanthropy in Pakistan in summer this year (August- Sept 2021). ‘The purpose is to raise awareness and inform youth about the dynamics of philanthropy, its trends and patterns, both in past and the present. This will ignite the spirit and flame of ‘Edhisim’ and encourage students to engage and lead in philanthropic initiatives for social good, as stated by Shazia Amjad, PCP Executive Director.

The outcomes of this unique course will be: (i) producing certified specialists in philanthropy; and (ii) developing skills in volunteerism, fundraising, NPO management and community welfare. The Head of SZABIST Islambad Campus Khusro Pervaiz Khan said, ‘This course would cover the applied side of philanthropic initiatives through involvement of development practitioners and policy experts.